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More fics!

Two more fics Kazuo x Mitsuko by my friend and I!

"Stealing The Thief" (2nd of KKxMS trilogy)
"Battleship Island" (3rd of KKxMS trilogy)

Yes, there is sex. Yes, there is violence. Yes, there is blood. But leave your preconceptions at the door, because there is a whole lot more than this! search author TokyoBoots

or in the fandom section, search for pockyisgod

Hope ya like!
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Wow. Great fanfics :)Mitsuko and Kiriyama are my two favourite characters and you got them so right. I especially love Kiriyama's dominance over her and her reluctance to give in and forget about the game for that moment. I loved all your stories but Till Death Us Do Part and 18 With A Bullet are my favourites.