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battle_fics's Journal

Battle Royale Fanfiction
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Welcome to Battle Fics! The Battle Royale fanfiction community! Joining and posting is encouraged!!! Joinjoinjoinjoin.

1.) Be courteous and polite and all of that to people who posts their fics up. It takes a lot of courage to post work up. If you do one of those particularly nasty flames (ex: "OMG EW SLASH IS NASTY U SHUD DIE!!1!!"), I'll give you fair warning, and repeated offenses will be bannable... or something!
There's a fine line between "constructive criticism" and flames. Criticism is usually backed up, and are written for the purpose of helping out an author. Flames are just stupid. If you don't like a fic, don't flame it. Okay?

2.) Yaoi, yuri, slash, femslash, call it what you will is accepted here. But it'd be nice if you lable it as such and... anything over a PG-13 rating needs to go over a lj-cut, all right?

3.) The same lj-cut rule applies for all fics containing sex too.

battle_royale: People need to stop posting the same damn quiz results in different posts, seriously. But this is the general Battle Royale community. You an find mostly anything and everything here.... including the quiz results. Do us a favor and don't post them in individual posts. It makes certain memebers cranky when you spam. >:3
battle_graphics: This is the place where you can find things such as Battle Royale related icons, wall papers, and the like. I contribute bases there because that's all I'm good at.
br_slash: The community which caters specifically to Battle Royale slash. I guess this community and that community are sister communities to the extreme (or brother... or maybe even kissing cousins....)
braddicts: This is all of the fun communities that are BR related joined into one. It's fairly new. Yay.

If you have any other BR sites, feel free to ask me and I'll link them. Yay.

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