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why hello thar newbie here

Hi hi. :3 My name's Kitana, and while I'm not new to fanfiction, I'm super extreme new to Battle Royale (fandom wise). I tried writing a BR fic a couple of years ago with a friend and it didn't work, but this time around, I've picked up an idea of similar strand and have actually finished it! :3 Needless to say, read on and I hope you enjoy. ^_^

Title: Equilibrium Asymmetrical
Author: Kitana
Warnings: NC-17; Kiriyama x Mimura; masturbation, gun fellatio, character death. If Shinji wants to live long enough to make it out of Battle Royale, he has to get past Kiriyama to do it.
Author’s Notes: Based on the movie-verse version of Battle Royale. …and no, the title isn’t supposed to make a lot of sense.
Equilibrium Asymmetrical )

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