Razuchi (lunaticcu) wrote in battle_fics,

You're back! (Taku x Shuya)

Author: lunaticcu
Taku x Shuya
Rating: R (for the language at least, if not else)
Genre: Slash, humor, slight angst
Comments: (I'm a newbie. ;D) Based in the movie "Battle Royale II - Requiem". I've written this over a year ago when I was so much into that movie and I'm not a native english speaker, so try to bear with the occasional mistakes in this fic. At least I've warned you, so don't flame me about it if you don't feel like helping me. I've already experienced that once and it made me wondering that what's the point...?? Anyway, hope you enjoy this. ^^; I've tried correcting this a bit but I barely remember a much of that movie... >_<

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